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The Schawbel Corporation was formed in 1981 by William Schawbel through the acquisition of two divisions from the Gillette Company. The company excels in the discovery and identification of technologies that lead to innovative, patented consumer products, which it markets itself or licenses through strategic partnerships.

The Schawbel Corporation’s preeminent research, development and engineering facilities are located in the United States and Asia. The company’s strategic relationships with leading universities, including MIT and the University of Pennsylvania, support its technology discovery and product development. Its go-to-market strategies are optimized through strategic relationships and partnerships with commercial designers, product development specialists and leading marketing organizations. As a result, the company has founded or acquired more than 30 businesses and today is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of butane-powered products. Its diverse product applications include personal care appliances, hardware products, insect repellent products and baby products.

The company currently operates four divisions whose activities include technology discovery; product development utilizing the company’s proprietary technologies; commercialization of proprietary technologies for other organizations and through these broad capabilities the company provides specialized offshore professional services focused on the manufacturing environment.